Casados SIN Hijos Somos Childfree
Casados SIN Hijos Somos Childfree

OCT 23 thru DEC 17

Augusto and Flor are a happy marriage, and as a base of their happiness they had agreed not to have children. However everything seems to change in Augusto's 50th birthday. Married WITHOUT children, we are childfree; is a romantic comedy about love, about affective bonds and about freedom to make decisions and change our minds. Married WITHOUT Children, we are childfree; (Casados sin Hijos, somos chilfree) by Matias Del Federico, argentinian playwright. With a great cast: Jessica Alvarez Dieguez, Alejandro Vales, Martin Zipiki, Gerardo Feldman y Zoe Vales. Jessica Alvarez Dieguez is who directs this talented group of actors. Play is performed in spanish. Comedy. Free parking.

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