Eureka! The Science Of Archimedes
Eureka! The Science Of Archimedes

SEP 15 thru JAN 7

Eureka! The Science of Archimedes lets you explore the mind of Greek scholar, Archimedes of Syracuse, whose discoveries transformed the fields of mathematics, science and engineering. The exhibit features more than 60 exhibits and replicas of Archimedes’ machines from the Museum of Leonardo da Vinci in Florence, Italy. The Science of Archimedes exhibition is curated into four themes: Machines of the Ancient World, Energy Machines, The Power of Shapes’ and Archimedes’ Legacy. Sponsored locally by SunTrust Foundation and the Museum’s official transportation partner, Brightline.

Machines of the Ancient World Visitors can use the ancient legendary machines associated with Archimedes’ life such as the ballista, and the iron-hands and burning mirrors used for sinking ships, as well as machines for building the great Pyramids of Egypt. Energy Machines These ancient machines were designed to work with the energy of gravity, wind flow, water flow and solar rays. Also learn about ancient holograms, huge dishes for sound propagation, the lost lighthouse of Alexandria and the secret behind Archimedes’ mechanical paradox in which objects roll up hill. The Power of Shapes Archimedes’ mastery of geometry allowed him to create practical technology that revolutionized his world. In this section, visitors can have fun with geometry, solve puzzles and use the building blocks of the third century. Archimedes Legacy Archimedes’ lasting impact can be clearly seen through the examination of the legends of science who studied his writings and took his ideas further. In this section, we delve into the works of the two most notable scientists influenced by his work: Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo Galilei.

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