Past, Present... Exhibition
Past, Present... Exhibition

APR 20 thru MAY 29

How people create meaning and self-determination from the complexity of sensation, memory, myth, and cultural history is the overarching theme of all of Jaffe’s work. Specifically, Jaffe has used her 3D works and installation and explored how identity is constructed from early pre-verbal bodily experience, and later influences of language and culture. The work selected for “Past, Present…” are examples of this exploration.

The pre-verbal sculptures attempt to give concrete form to intangible sensations and early bodily experiences by creating hybrid forms – fusions of animate and inanimate worlds – thus appearing simultaneously familiar, yet strange.

Common themes throughout Jaffe’s more recent body of work – well known folktales, history, and poetry – are re-imagined through a contemporary lens and made into multi-sensory environments. This theme is specifically showcased in “Past, Present…” as an installation based on poet T. S. Eliot’s “Four Quartet’s” about letting go of all attachments, a buddhist-like meditation.

Special Programming: During the run dates of the Exhibition, Jaffe will be working onsite in a gallery-adjacent studio space for a two-week Residency Exchange, April 29th – May 13th. Visitors will have the opportunity to watch Jaffe at work in the studio, studying her process, and use of materials. Her focus during the Residency Exchange will be completing one piece for Past, Present…, which will be continuously installed and added on to in the gallery during the residency period. This piece will involve participation from the public visiting the gallery as it progresses. Viewers can become collaborators, and create fragments to be used in future work displayed in the exhibition. Once completed, this new installation will be on view with the rest of Past, Present… through the end of May.

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