Full Moon Sound & Social at 1 Hotel South Beach

The Full Moon serves as an opportunity to reflect, release, and illuminate ourselves. Using meditation, sound healing & movement led by Sabrina Badeaux of Kanekshun , attendees can determine where they are at with their goals and what they are ready to let go of. To close the experience guests are invited to connect with […]

MindTravel Underwater: Floating Meditation + Live-Piano Concert

On Sunday, April 10, 2022, MindTravel, the fully-immersive underwater floating meditation and music experience returns to Carillon Miami Wellness Resort. This immersive concert allows you to float weightlessly in the water as Murray Hidary’s real-time compositions are amplified through high-end underwater speakers from Lubell Labs. MindTravelers can float close to the surface using pool noodles or dance underwater as the music plays.  […]

Una Celebración del Solsticio de Invierno

A meditative musical celebration of Winter Solstice with special guest artist Jose Luis de la Paz on guitar. José Luis de la Paz is an award-winning guitarist who has been recognized for practicing the three disciplines of flamenco: guitar for dance, solo guitar and composing. His original compositions range from the most traditional to the […]

Hero’s Journey: an artist & musical collective

The events of the last two years have affected each individual in profound ways – and as we gather here at Miami Art Basel in 2021, this group exhibit seeks to provide space to confront the Hero’s Journey we all have been through during the last two years and to unite our collective consciousness. Each […]

Introduction to TSM Meditation

Learn to practice a simple, enjoyable method of stress reduction called TSM Meditation. It’s a mental technique which produces a state of rest often deeper than the level of rest gained during deep sleep. This allows the body to dissolve deeply rooted stress, the cause of much of our problems with anxiety, restless sleep and […]