NFTs: Bagatelle or Art

Exchange Art, the leading NFT fine arts marketplace on Solana, is hosting an event at this year’s Miami Art Week. The event, NFTs: Bagatelle or Art?, will merge the digital art and the physical art realms together. NFTs are taking the art world by storm and we want to provide you with an immersive experience […]

homework v0001 Art Opening

Making its debut at Miami Art Week, homework is an innovative, nomadic art gallery that follows and disrupts the rhythm of the art world, while giving exposure and access to a new stock of artists and collectors. Imagined by Aurelio Aguiló and Mayra Mejia, homework is committed to breaking down the walls of the traditional […]

Flagler Street Art Festival

NFT art takes over Downtown Miami at the Flagler Street Art Festival, where 100+ renowned digital artists will illuminate the historic neighborhood. New NFT works will be projected on the “Monolith” a two-story digital art gallery in the street, and on Flagler’s historic buildings. Experience outdoor lounges, a sound garden, daily programming and more. Presented […]

Manolo Valdés ‘The Legacy’ – Miami Art Week

‘The Legacy’ by Manolo Valdés, his largest outdoor exhibition to date, opens to the public during Miami Art Week, Dec. 1-6 and will be featured in several locations in Doral until June 2021 An outstanding selection of more than a dozen larger-than life sculptures will be featured in Miami, the first exhibition of this magnitude […]