FAU Frontiers in Science: How Can the Florida Wildlife Corridor Support Resilience?

Florida Atlantic University

FAU Frontiers in Science: How Can the Florida Wildlife Corridor Support Resilience?

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In 2021, the state of Florida passed the Florida Wildlife Corridor (FLWC) into law by a unanimous vote. The goal is to protect natural and working lands from development, to help various species adapt to the state’s booming human population. Approximately half of the envisioned ~18 million acres to be conserved are already protected. Completing a project of this scale requires additional studies to deepen our understanding of the FLWC’s effects beyond wildlife. Florida Atlantic is leading a comprehensive report exploring the relationship between the Florida Wildlife Corridor and the state’s climate resilience. The panelists, representing a mix of scientists, practitioners, and other stakeholders, will debate how this massive corridor may benefit, not only wildlife, but climate resilience as well. What tradeoffs are involved in setting aside such a large swath of land, and how will we tell if it’s working?
Frontiers in Science has been hosted by the Schmidt College of Science for more than two decades and has become a pillar for communicating and engaging in the sciences within our community. We invite you join us and support the series as we explore the sciences together.

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